Wednesday, June 17

Special Day!!! A Birthday in the house!!!

Posted by Leah
I know this is bad, but he wanted a picture of his new transportation. He likes it but doesn't like it at the same time. I have to say that it does give him freedom to get around. I like it because I can do some things with him other than taking him in the car because it won't fit in the car as it doesn't fold up and it's too heavy for me to lift. He was out here because we had lost power for quite some time and he wanted some sunshine.

Right now he is sitting behind me in my office with his Father playing a game Gold Miner Joe. He loves that game so much. He finds it challenging, but what I find funny is listening to the two of them. I hear, "Mooove Dad!!!! ROBBIE!! Oh my goodness I did it!!" ROFL... they are just too funny to listen to. In a way it almost sounds like they're fighting over something, but it's just a game.

Speaking of Robbie, today is his 5th birthday!! I can't believe how much time has gone by. He was so funny earlier with a friend of mine. We were talking he heard my friend say he's getting so big. Robbie's comment back was "I know I am, because I am 5 now!" We both were laughing. I just love the comments you hear from children. They're so precious.

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ninamerle said...

I told you this before I think I have a Robbie too. He just turned 20! He has Cp and is the joy of our lives. He also just got new wheels. The chair we chose has a seat that comes off and also folds up small enough to go in the car. (my robbie is 5'3"). Tell your Robbie happy Birthday. Nina

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Robbie! A whole hand full - 5!


laurie said...

Happy Birthday to Robbie! Five is such a fun age!

Carole Beath said...

Happy Five, Robbie.... Happy five!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes he is cute sis.He made me laugh when he said that. I still remember him saying it.I love that lil boy so much.I'm working on his paint can that I'm doing for him shhhhhhh Don't Tell~

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