Monday, July 6

Cuttlebug Spot Challenge #38 : Make us laugh

Posted by Leah

Ok, Nilda asked that we do a funny project and make them laugh. Well, I sure hope this does it. I know I laugh now, but back then I wasn't laughing. I was quite sore; read on you will see why. This card was inspired from our honeymoon.

We went to Niagara Falls. We got a room it was great a heart shaped jacuzzi in the room and a full wave king size bed. Note "full wave"...I didn't know that before, but figured it out quickly. Hubby wanted to eat in the room so he went out to get food for us. He came back set up and even had flowers, awww. I was on the bed watchin the tv until he told me to close my eyes and he'd tell me when supper was set. I did; then he came around to the opposite side of the bed and jumped on the bed - said supper's ready. (Mind you I was on the other side near the edge) I popped up in the air like a piece of popcorn in a popcorn popper - came down and landed on the floor. Hubby said sorry, but supper's ready. He gets me back up on the bed..he adjusts himself to get off the bed. Wrong move...he lost his balance and flopped back on the bed and right back up in the air I went and to the floor I landed. Then if that wasn't enough when it came time for bed after the jacuzzi hehe. I was on the bed again....he comes out of the washroom flops on the bed says bedtime and up I go again and down on the floor I land. Now by this time I'm lookin' for something to tie me to the bed so he can't do it again... I couldn't find I moved the two nightstands to my side of the bed and gave him a warnin' don't do that again or this will really hurt. I hope you find this as funny as we do now rofll.

4 Comments of Appreciation:

Bamabel said...

Giggle! That is funny!! Love your card too! Thanks for playing with us at The Cuttlebug Spot this week!

Aymee :)

Anonymous said...

Leah, that is one funny story and that card is hilarious! Thanks for joining in the fun this week over at The Cuttlebug Spot!

Deloris said...

Love the card and your story of how the card was inspired is great...Hugs Deloris

Nilda Rockenbach said...

LOL.. thank you so much for sharing with us. What a funny story. You made me laugh... thank you for playing with us at The Cuttlebug Spot

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