Tuesday, July 14


Posted by Leah
I wanted to be sure to post this. Yesterday we went to the doctor's for Robbie's leg. We had 2 x-ray's done and the results are in!!!! The cast has been removed!!!! Yea!!!! He's happy that it's off. Now we're in a sensitive spot though.

The doctor has stated that if he falls, twists, gets bumped hard or if he falls on his leg he could re break it again. We are being careful and he's still using the walker at this point and is also in the wheel chair to get around at school, until he feels comfortable; at least within reason.

However, we have seen some fear in him. He has decided that he's not going to walk on his leg and he's only going to scoot along. This makes it difficult for getting out and about. I find that if I need to run errands I need to get them done before he returns from school. I'm hoping that this isn't going to last a long time. We are trying to encourage him to step and see that his leg is ok to walk on. He had been doing it in the half cast, but now that it's out he doesn't want to walk.

I thank each and everyone of you who have followed my blog and have followed our progression through this whole ordeal. I'm glad we have the support and that we can voice what's going on when needed and not be ridiculed by speaking. Thanks again and thanks for stopping by.

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Caleb said...

Thanks for the update. Still praying!!!

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