Wednesday, March 24

Birthday Card for a Special Auntie!!!

Posted by Leah

I made this for my Aunt Fran. Today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Aunt Fran!! I love you very much! Hope you're having a wonderful day and doing something special!

I wish that this picture would have come out better. I was fighting first with all the flowers sticking to me. Can we say lots of gluing involved ... hehehe. Then I was fighting against the camera to get the pictures taken. Hubby had the camera before me and was taking pictures. I didn't know that the batteries were running low. I would get set up turn on camera then go to take the picture and off it'd go again. Finally got another set of rechargeable batteries to find that these are on their way out as well. I guess if I'm going to do some pictures I best be quick....LOL.

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