Friday, March 19

Daddy's Little Girl

Posted by Leah

Daddy’s Little Girl

From my first steps
At the farm house
To the Kirkville house
My Daddy was there
To hold my hand
I had no fear
I knew he had my hand

From Wedding bells
To the news of a grandson
Coming, he was there
My Daddy held my hand
He gave me away to the man of my dreams
When things seemed to go wrong
With his grandson
He was there to hold my hand
And tell me it will not be long
You will hold your son

I had my son
My Daddy was there
To hold his Grandson
The look was there
The look of a proud Pa
As he held his Grandson
For the first time that day.

The fun days laid ahead
As we spent special times together
Our times of going for coffee
Or just out to breakfast
My Dad would hold my hand
And that made my heart feel better
I felt free
I wish our times could last

The Lord called my Daddy home
His day of crowning in glory
Came sudden, but the Lord knows
When that first birthday
Will be in Heaven
The Lord knows our days
I know one day
Will be my day in glory
And I will see my Daddy again
I love you Dad and forever you will
Be in my heart, Good bye for now
I will see you again
In my eyes
You will always be holding my hand

Love your Daughter,

Leah Pagliaroli, August 23, 2009©

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