Sunday, March 28

Sweet as can be!

Posted by Leah

This card I designed. I had a wonderful time making this. I used double embossing with my cuttlebug. I really love that effect. There have been some combinations that just don't work out as well. The idea is to just keep trying until you find the effect that you like.

I have been busy with things of everyday life. I had a fun day with a dear friend of mine who's like a sister to me. We went looking at craft stuff. Now who passes down a craft shopping day??? Not us~ off we went how fun!! We took my little one with us and he was just as excited as we were in looking at the things. We loved some of the clearance things as well ~ got some great bargains. Then off to the Christmas Tree Shop ~ ok maybe not the typical craft store, but hey they got some deals!! LOL! We were on a "deal run".

Then from there we were off again to Big Lots ~ hey when someone tells you they have cricut cartridges on sale you just have to go look. We got there and come to find out the only ones they had left were the ones we already had so no buying there.

Finally off to another craft store ~ you got we were on a mission. We ended up at AC Moore and I finally tagged down the manager to find out the status of whether I'd be teaching and he said of course. I am on board now with AC Moore and I'll be teaching classes there. I'm soo excited!!! I am so looking forward to my first one coming up in April. I am preparing the flyers as we speak. I am also putting together the supply list and things the class will enjoy.

I will be adding an event calendar pretty soon. I will be posting the dates of my classes there for those of you that are local to me that read my blog and would like to come to a class. I know I have spoken with several of you that are interested. I will try to let you know in advance as much as I can what we'll be covering. Again I'm very excited to see this coming up.

My Aunt Fran who I love dearly has greatly encouraged me to pursue this career in crafts and teaching people. I guess I have been a bit timid, but at the same token I've had some very negative influences around me that have told me that "Scrapbooking, Cricut, Crafts, Card Making are a complete waste of time" this is what the person said. I do not feel this way! I love to Cricut, Scrapbook....who am I kidding I just love to craft and get my hands into just about any type of craft. Just ask my close friends they'll tell you. What I don't understand is this~ this same person will rave to someone about a card I've made or something else I have made or tell them how creative I am yet in the next turn will give me negativity again.

Sorry to vent out, but I just don't understand. I hope you all have had a great weekend!! I'm looking forward to my "Crafting Monday". Our local station has a channel dedicated to crafts. I get busy getting ideas and I get right on them. Well, when you're a "Crafty Woman" as my husband's Aunt calls me and herself... you just have to craft she says.

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