Saturday, March 6

Tiki Parlor as I call it Tiki Island

Posted by Leah

I want to say how much fun this site is. I know I'm here to talk Cricut too as well, but I must add a plug about Tiki. If you're a gamer and love to play Pogo games or you just like PC games well then come on over.

There is also a forum there to have fun chatting with other members and gain a lot of information. There is also a Tiki Tots section just for the little ones that has tons of great information and games as well that are geared to the little ones. I can for one state that there is a lot of information there because I have a "Tiki Tot" myself. I'm always looking for educational fun for him. There's also a section for crafts and things with the Tiki Tots.

I enjoy the many friends I've made here and it's so relaxing just to go there and take a break from all the things of life. I get a kick out of the messages at the top of the page. An example right now is that it says Aren't you supposed to be working, (my screen name)? They get funnier as the day progresses ~ at one point it says I'm growing roots to my chair. Later on it says something to the effect of "Isn't it bedtime, (screen name)?

Please feel free to check it out ~ any questions please ask me. If you do join and you'd like to know my screen name feel free to send me a message here too as well.

Have fun cricuting and have a great weekend!!!!!

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