Tuesday, April 13

Good Morning Everyone!

Posted by Leah
I hope you're having a good morning. I am off to a busy start. Have to get little one off to school, then I have some things I need to get accomplished before returning to his school. Our son is doing a performance today "Poetry on Parade"; he has been practicing many poems and he'll be doing them today. I can't wait I'm so excited to go and watch him. He's anxious for me to come to the school as well.

Now it's time to get him off on the bus...will be back in quick as a wink my son would say. See ya in a few minutes. Okay, I'm back in; wasn't that long. The bus driver was telling me about a huge Tom Turkey that was out here yesterday. I didn't see him but she was watching him parade up and down my neighbor's car and pecking at himself. She said she wonders if he did any damage to my neighbor's car. I didn't know. Also we had some excitement of a coyote going up through then saw it coming back dragging something the size of a small dog. We have to be more cautious now because they're coming out during the day instead of dusk and or night.

My Aunt and Uncle's from Ohio are here this week I hope to get to see them more than just the one time that I did at the picnic. I don't know. I guess I'll have to go over where they are and hope to catch them. I don't want to bother them if they have plans to be at places. They don't always get to come to where we are.

I hope to have more pictures up today with cards I've made. I'm working on another one. I hope to finish that one before my son's performance at school. We'll see how far I get.

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