Monday, April 26

Special Journal

Posted by Leah

This is a special journal I made for a dear friend. I found out the colors she loves and purchased the paper and surprised her with this. She said she was going to use it as her diary. I am so glad to do this for such a special friend.

We met not too long ago and have been through so much in our friendship, but our friendship is strong because we have the LORD at the center of our friendship. We also put Christ at the center of our marriages. I'm so thankful for such a great friend.

She was there for me through my Father's passing and now through the loss of my Grandad. I am so grateful to her. I know as she writes in this journal she will place heartfelt things, sad moments, steps with GOD, things she needs to think through, things she shared with friends. I'm just so happy that it will be used and be appreciated.

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