Tuesday, April 6

Thinking of you!

Posted by Leah
I just put this one together quick. I wish the camera would really show the true color of the background. I used a hot pink but for some reason it's coming out a funny salmon color. I hadn't done a hello kitty in quite a while. I borrowed a best friend of mine's cartridge since she has hers loaded up on her gypsy. She is a great friend ~ she said I could borrow it and make as many cuts as I wanted with it. When she was coming out to my house next she'd swap cartridges again. I borrowed five so I've been busy with designing some cards and now I'm getting in to the cutting phase of them. I should have more to post soon.

I am trying to be more active on my blog and not so long between postings. I hate when there's a gap. I feel like I've let people down that come to see what I've done.

I am still trying to find a calendar that will work for what I need for those of you that are coming to take my classes for the Cricut. I will be having advance classes soon and I'll also be doing some Design Studio ones as well.

I really enjoy the Cricut. I am now seeing just how much I have missed it. I am creating more cut files as well. I should be having those cards up soon.

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