Wednesday, May 19

Attention! Cricut Class!

Posted by Leah
Those of you that are local to me and are reading this I want to remind you that our Cricut Class is going on as planned for Friday. I just ask that if you have anything specific that you'd like for me to touch on then please leave me a comment here and I'll be happy to address that on Friday.

I plan to cover the basics of the Cricut machine, the Create machine and the Cricut Expression. I will be covering the features on each of these machines as well as what products can be used in them. Types of paper and other items such as chipboard, scrapbook paper, vinyl as well as stencil material. I will be covering the settings for each of these. I will be having a question and answering time brief at the beginning then at the end of the class I will have more time to answer questions for you. I will also have you making a card by the end of the class. I feel that you'll be confident in using the Cricut by the end of the class. There is more that I'll be covering, but rather than taking up your time in reading it all here you'll see it demonstrated and talked about for you on Friday.

Thank you for signing up with me. Looking forward to meeting each one of you.

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