Tuesday, May 11

Easter Card

Posted by Leah

This card I made for my Dear Aunt at Easter. She really loved it. I have learned my lesson well. You may ask what lesson was that. I must tell you it's funny now, but then she was very angry with me and was very serious. I was running short on time to make a card for my Aunt so I resorted to purchasing one at the store to give her. She opened the card expecting a handmade one ~ then saw the store bought one took one look at me said, "Nice, but here; you can make me one and I'll gladly receive it." I was shocked,but I did do just that make her one and she took it and was so well pleased. She did let me off the hook for taking a while to make it. I really felt like I needed to make it extra special.

When Easter was coming I was certain to make sure her card was tops ~ I wasn't making that mistake again.

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