Sunday, May 16

It's finished!!! It's finished!!!!!

Posted by Leah
I have to say that this was the toughest memorial video for me to complete. I was honored to give my Mom the best treasured gift; memorial video of my Father. Many of you know that my Father passed away August 22nd; unexpected and very sudden. This has been a very tough walk for me. I have been struggling hard through his passing.I have to say with all these numerous hours of editing pictures and placing them in the video where they should be or where they would flow with the various songs in the video. My Mother wanted eight different songs then allowed my brother and I to choose our song that we wanted. We ended up with ten songs total and 400 pictures. Spending time with my Mother is priceless. We had times of sadness, laughter, teasing and just having fun with the photos. I may have to include another to show you one that just brought us many laughs.The best part came when I was able to play the video for my Mother and she said that even for a "Real Million Dollars" it wouldn't come close to how much this gift means to me. I was so overwhelmed; I was in tears. I'm glad we had the time to do this together. I have to say this is just priceless to me.

I have to say as well that after it was all done scanning and burning the first copy my Mother decided to pull a fast one on me. Now I must give some detail here as we started burning the first copy around 10pm and it finally finished preparing, processing then building the photo library and burning around 3:30am (yes you did read that right) then my Mother in her giggly voice by that point from lack of sleep said why don't we watch it then make our copies that we need. I'm thinking, WHAT?!! Do you know what time it is and I have a little one that will be waking up very early!!!!! LOL That didn't seem to matter to her so here we were...making copies of this video (made one then went and watched the other one which in total took 50 minutes to watch) ~ copies that we made in total were 11!!! Can you believe it??? The clock when I finally was able to look at it read 5:45am!!!!!! WOW!!!! I was up ALL NIGHT!!!!! As tired as she was and myself she did lay down for a few ~ until my son woke up next to her. I went upstairs and she and my wonderful hubby let me sleep for a while before I woke up to come down and join the family.

Well, I've put it off long enough; I must include the picture that made us laugh so much. Take notice of our pet that we had and my Father's expression. We just had to laugh. Please leave comments to let me know what you think. Thanks again everyone!!!!You thought it ended there.... you just have to see what happened next. Mind you my Father wasn't big on dogs, but this one he loved even if he didn't show it much. Notice he's smiling!!!

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Loopylou. said...

it sounds as if it was quite theraputic for you to do too hunny and from the photos you have shared it looks as if it is a truly beautiful dvd.sending big hugs for you hun xxxxxxxx

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