Thursday, May 20

Mario Birthday Card

Posted by Leah
Hope my little guy likes this. I had to just make his card like the invites but only changing the wording. He has been telling us which Mario games he wants. He even has me googling them to check the price. When he hears one that is a low price he comments.... "See Mama, it's not that much." I just have to laugh because he's too cute when he says it and he's not at the age that he understands the concepts of money either.

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Carole Beath said...

Wish your little guy a big happy birthday from me. I bet he is so excited. I had to laugh at his "see Momma, that's not too much"... reminds me of when my son (now 41) at age 4 asked me for a little red car. I said I didn't have enough money just then, and he said "But have checks in your checkbook".... He figured if I had checks to write, there was money to back them.
Happy Birthday, Robby.

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