Saturday, May 8

Sweet Sixteen

Posted by Leah

This birthday card came to me as a special request from her Mother for me to send my special friend a special card for her birthday. I told her Mother that I'd be honored to do just that very request. I have to say the girl that this was going to is a special needs child and she's wonderful. She took her time talking to me on the phone and really wanted to thank me for this card. I was so touched by her taking the time to talk with me it just touched my heart. Now I'm sharing the card with you.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I'm enjoying mine so far; just dodging these storms. Makes it difficult to post things between the thunder and lightning and having to shut down and unplug things. I have a surge protector on the system, but I just don't want to risk anything getting past that.

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Mina said...

this is so cute Leah, a perfect sweet sixteen card
Mina xxx

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