Tuesday, June 1

Tribute to my Sailor

Posted by Leah
My Knight in Shining Armor, My Sailor

Who knew that my knight in armor
Would be my U.S. NAVY Sailor.
All the love and devotion I could give him
Would never repay him for all he’s done
For his country and me.
I couldn’t have the freedom
I have if it wasn’t done
The defense for his country and me.

I give all of me for him;
I stand by him, live for him;
Put my life on the line for him
Never will it end
Our love has no end
So at night when I see red skies
I take delight
Red skies in the morning sky
I take warning
In delight and warning
My love will never stray
For the love of my Sailor
The support I give
My flag will always wave
For a veteran, our troops and my Sailor.

©Leah Pagliaroli, June 1, 2010

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