Monday, November 29

In The Morning Light

Posted by Leah

In The Morning Light
As the morning light breaks through the sky; I come to see the Angel that makes my whole day. 
She’s the sweetest Angel I ever knew.  For when I came so early every morning my Angel always  had a
way to make me smile when I felt so bad to wake her for her morning medications.  When She was sleeping
 ever so peacefully.  She greeted me so graciously with a beautiful smile that I knew would start my day just
so right.  Then after I gave the morning medications my Angel would say to me in the sweetest and
gracious tone, “Thank You”  I would then say “You’re welcome” then I ‘d hear my Angel say “God Bless you”
I’d answer with a thank you to follow with an “I love you”  No matter how my Angel felt she’d always reach
and look to say “ I love you” this would mean the world to me to hear her say these words. 
She did not add the too on the end to make it casual.  No my Angel made sure to just say “I love You”
because she wanted you to know just how much she loved you.  I always looked forward
 to those times of sitting holding my Angel’s hand.  I felt I was giving comfort and peace to her. 
My Angel would rest then wake and ask a question just as she might. 
For I waited on bending ear to hear her speak never did I expect to hear “Tell me something funny”. 
I told her what she wished to hear.  The laugh that was so hearty and joyous just made my day brighter. 
I could share with others and share the laughter my Angel and I shared that day.
As my Angel loved to hear of accomplishments.  She was your cheerleader. 
I knew she was my cheerleader of choice. I would not have it any other way. 
I tell her an accomplishment; she would raise hands to proudly cheer and tell me how proud she was.
  Told me how happy she was of what I was doing.  I told I would not stop until I finished the race. 
I will finish the race I have begun.  I always want my Angel proud of me.
I love my Angel.  I have a wonderful day when I see my Angel look and me and say those special words
 that just touch my heart the only way my Angel can.  I hear my Angel say “I love You”.

Written By: Leah Pagliaroli, November 17, 2010

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