Monday, December 20

Christmas Table Decorations

Posted by Leah

The decorations will all have M&M's and or popcorn in them with the candy canes. I always do something festive for the holidays. This year it's going to be more different than last year. Last year I lost my Dad and just my Aunt Betty came over to spend the holiday with us. My Mother was in Maine with my brother. This year we lost my Aunt Betty as you see with previous post. So it's going to be different. We will be having my Mother come over. I like to make it as festive as I can with my little one. Christmas was always special to me and I want to carry that on to our son. He knows the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate Christmas. I am just happy to see his excitement about the holiday this year. It's taken a number of years for him to really get into it so this is fun.

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RDRD4 said...

So Pretty

Jarna said...

They are very festive, what a neat idea.

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