Saturday, December 18

Christmas Tree Teacher Cards

Posted by Leah
This card idea came to me for the teachers and bus drivers for my son's school.  I know they'll be surprised.  I know I can't get away with just giving them a "store bought" card that's just not allowed from me.  No, not since they know I know how to make cards.  I have to say that's expected of me from all of my family.  Hmmm, wonder who started that one (laughs quietly); I know, I know that wasn't that funny.  Hey, can't blame me for trying.  I love to surprise my family with things.  Now I have to get serious with this "Reindeer Food" one.  I have 19 to make for son's class and I have to get them finished for Monday.  I think they'll be happy.  I'll post those when I get them done, but for now here's the 12 cards.  Thank you for looking. Have a wonderful weekend.

I just went to Robyn's site at MyPinkStamper and saw that she posted about a challenge.  I thought I'd include this.

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girlia said...

Your cards are too cute

Unknown said...

Soooo cute---what cart is the tree from? I love the smile.Merry Christmas !!
anita Cannon

Sarah said...

Those cards are super cute!

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