Wednesday, December 8

Look what showed up at my door!!!

Posted by Leah
I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to get into this cartridge.  I have a very special plan for this.  I will unveil it when I've completed the project.  I know this will take some time ~ I want it perfect.  I won't make it take too long to keep you in suspense forever.  I will have the details as I go along so when I post it in it's finality all details will be there.  I have to thank someone at Cricut for this because they made it possible for me.  I am very grateful to them for this.  We talked about a few things as well ~ I was having issues with my Gypsy.  I'm hoping they're now resolved.  I need to link the few cartridges that I got as Christmas gifts to my Gypsy.  I know Christmas gift ~ not to open right now right?? Well, we celebrated early because not all our family members would be there when Christmas time was here.  I'm hoping to make Christmas special for my Mother and my family as it's different now that we have lost my Father, my Aunt Betty, my Uncle Sonny, Gigi, and Granddad. I'm trying to think of special things to do together.  I know hubby reads the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve and again Christmas morning before we open gifts ~ believe it or not my little one doesn't even beg to open gifts because he knows the Christmas Story needs to be read and he gets to start by opening "The First Gift of Christmas"~Jesus' gift.  He tells what Jesus has done for him special this year.  

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