Thursday, January 27

Cuttlebugspot Challenge and MPS Challenge

Posted by Leah
Who would have thought that I'd be doing two challenges with one card. We'll see how this goes.  I was requested to make a scale for someone and I completed that and sent them the file so they could use it for what they needed.  I decided to take that same scale and use it here.

At The Cuttlebugspot the challenge there was to make something inspired from an ad, magazine, catalog or online catalog.  We are to post our inspiration along with our project.  I decided to use the scale so I will post the picture of the scale itself that I used; then show the one that I designed in design studio.

Now the challenge for MPS was to make something yummy.  So I decided to put a little spin on it since I am in Weight Watchers.  I know Robyn is doing it as well.  I thought Robyn might like this one.  I am going to show it to my leader because I'm working on getting to goal before camping season starts.  I don't have that long, but we'll get there.  Now for the card....or should I keep you in suspense a bit longer...hmmm...that's the question.  No, I guess not ~ Here's the card I made enjoy!!!!
 Inside the card:
Hope you like it.  The meaning behind this card is that Weight Watchers works.  I was trying to show that with food you don't always have to let it get you down.  As one of my leaders at Weight Watchers says "Remember......nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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DIANA L. said...

It is an adorable card love the scale

Carina (PaperJunky) said...

this is a very cute card
I am now a follower

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