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Cricky Across the 50 is Happening over at K. Andrew's Blog

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Hi Everyone!!! Hope you're all having a wonderful morning.  I have been trying to come up with something special for today.  On our list from One By One The Flamingo's Are Stealing My Sanity today is White T-Shirt Decorating Day.  I was going to just make a plain white t-shirt,but I decided to jazz up my t-shirt a bit. I decided to add some bling to it.  Now you get to see that little shirt.  It's too cute ~ I have to figure out what card I want to put it on next.  I love a challenge. :)

As I mentioned above Cricky Across the 50 is happening over to K.Andrew's blog Getting Cricky you'll have to stop over there and see what all the fun is about.  Also don't forget to stop over to our Dear Design Team Leader Karel's Blog at One By One The Flamingo's Are Stealing My Sanity.  We are celebrating Karel's Birthday all month long and Karel has lots of fun going on - go celebrate with her.

At Getting Cricky she was prompted to do this because she and her hubby will be moving cross country.  I want to wish them well on their journey.  We learned about various states through the Hop.  I wanted to kind of play off that with some pictures of a favorite place of mine to visit.  

My parents have a camp in the Alexandria Bay, New York area.  Since the time of their camp my Father has since passed away (2010).  I miss him daily, but I know he's in Heaven celebrating and wouldn't want me sad here.  I have to say I love his passion for the water.  He had a neat way of looking at things.  He, my Mother and their Pastor were out in his boat.  They were just having a blast touring around the 1,000 Islands (* note that's what the area is called 1,000 Islands, but there are actually 1,853 Islands that make up the resort area). The day was passing by them and my Mother was getting concerned that it was beginning to get dark and they still had a ways to go before getting back to their docking area.  My Father said don't worry the GPS will get us back there.  Then when my Father passed our dear friend and Pastor Ken s talked about the GPS being our directional our personal navigator if you will and he added this that Christ is our navigator ~ the navigator of our lives - if we let him direct our lives we will go far.  I say that because my Father wasn't afraid to travel the waters in the dark with his GPS because he knew he'd make it back to the dock safe and sound. They did make it back just like my Father thought.  I know my Mom and I had a moment out there on the water where we thought we were going to run out of fuel.  We didn't we trusted Christ for that and he brought us back to the dock with more than enough.  We figured it was that the way the boat was going through the water it was effecting the gas gauge.   I love how Christ can bring you through something like that and show you the victory by trusting him. so awesome!!! 

Here are the pictures as promised....Hope you enjoy!!!  To make this easier I decided to put them in a little slideshow!  Sit back and relax ... watch the show....please leave me some love.  You may become a follower if you're not already.  I love to see who's reading and following along for the fun.

Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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Cherie said...

I just saw that you won over at CONGRATS!! The 50 states blog hop was fun today! Thanks for sharing about NY and your story. I am going to NY this summer for the first time with my friend who is from there, so I am super excited!

Misty Olsen said...

Hi Leah,

Thank you for sharing that with us. I thought your shirt was cute too.

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