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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!! Today is day 14 in One By One The Flamingo's Are Stealing My Sanity!!

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Can you believe we've been celebrating 14 days now!!! I have been working on something special for here.  One card I made earlier for hubby; I already posted on here.  Now this card I made for Robbie our son.  The sentiment is something special that Robbie and I say to one another often.  "I love you two hands behind the back".  Robbie would come in the room spread his little arms out, "Mama I love you this much!" in the cutest and sweetest voice ever.  If you've heard him you'd quite agree.  One day he did it and mind you he wasn't quite balanced as he has some issues going on with Hypotonia.  Now those of you that aren't familiar with that term here is a brief definition of it: Hypotonia is a state of low muscle tone.  This affects the motor nerve control.  The long term of this is based primarily on the severity of muscle weakness and the nature of the cause.  This affects his speech as well.  There is more about it if you search online about it.

He comes up to me again..."Mama I love you thiiiiissssss much!" Stretches out then flops back and I go in for the  tickles.  Hey....a Mom's gotta have fun right?  We generally have a great laugh with one another.  I looked at him one day as I came up to him and said "I love you two hands behind the back!" ( I then moved my hands from the front of me to behind my back) This stuck with the two of us after that.  Now we were expressing our love to each other as in saying, "I love you with my whole being".  The arms going from front to back represented a circle and as we know a circle is something that is complete "unbroken" ~ just like our love ~ no end ~ it's unbroken.  A love unconditional.  That's the way we love one another.

There... now they're both posted... Hope you enjoy as much as I loved sharing with you.

Have a great Valentine's Day!!!

Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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Stacey said...

I am new to you blog... found my way here from "Flamingo's " and I am so happy to have found you! You have amazing talent! I am hoping to find more time to explore your blog soon! We also have "sons" in common... our middle son was born with Hypotonia and cCMV so I understand some of the challenges you and your family are facing every day. We have also found that our son is just the most grounded and happy kiddo there is! Amazing! Truly they are gifts sent from above!

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