Sunday, February 20

Hmmm ... Love Your Pet Day!

Posted by Leah
This one was tough for me because we haven't had pets for a while, but then we got some fish.  I don't have pictures of them, but their names are Shimmer, Zoomer & Cricut.  We have 3 hermit crabs one named Tipsy Turvy, Little Funny ( I nicknamed this one "back-up" because when it walks - it goes backward all the time) and the other one is Smarty Pants.  Now this one fits it's name to the me!!! This one is the mid sized one, but picks on every one in the tank.  I am surprised Tipsy hasn't put Smarty in it's place yet.  Tipsy is the largest of the three of them.  Here are their pictures....

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy your evening.  Oh before you go do stop on my One By One The Flamingo's Are Stealing My Sanity!

Have a Happy Cricut Day,


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