Monday, February 14

I Am So Blessed!

Posted by Leah
I am just so blessed with a wonderful family.  I love my men and I know they love me.  Look what sweet treats they got me.  First hubby's card....see the front then the inside has "You Wanna? Happy Valentine's Day!" and he signed it in his own secret nickname (hehe, I'm not tellin')

Then they gave me a special treat and because of my being on Weight Watchers and really heading toward my goal they didn't want to sabotage me too bad so they got this little treat.  Now those that follow this is 7 points on the Points Plus Program.  I don't know when I'll be eating this.  I may have to dig into the weekly allowance to work this one in.  I don't like to use them.  This will the be 2nd time I've used them IF I do.

Now for Robbie's sweet card to me.  This one has to come in a few shots as it's a large card and you'll see why when you see the photos.

Now if you saw my posting earlier about my card to him isn't this fitting for a card from him to me.  I know where he was going with this and he hadn't seen my card yet.  When he saw my card he said, "Awww, Mama I love you so much! Mama, I love you two hands behind the back!"   I love him to pieces.  Thanks for looking ~ sorry for the quality of the pictures, but I was just so excited to get these up for you to see.

Thanks for stopping by... time for supper, time for homework, time for bed for the little man.

Have a wonderful night everyone!!

Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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Janice said...

Thanks for sharing!

Kimmers said...

So sweet! Happy Valentine's Day

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