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Drum Roll Please...Guest Designer!! You must see!!!!

Posted by Leah
I must let you all know that this Guest Designer is very special. He's so special not just because he's my son, but he's our miracle. He had a rough start in life. He does have some special needs. He has Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SPD), Dyspraxia, and Hypotonia. He meets each day with a smile and I look at each day as fun (granted there may be some challenges, but to me they're just adventures). I don't mean to make that sound like I'm blowing off what he deals with on a day to day basis, but what I'm saying is that I look at it this way to help him get through his day and see that he can do it. We have so much fun together. If you ask him about his "Baby Cricut" or "Baby Bug" as he calls it...he'll tell you that it's "Magical". You ask how..he puts pieces of paper in the machine no mat, no power, but yet when he comes home the cuts that he wants are there in his Cricut. **Mama loves to make her little man smile so I listen to what cuts he wants or expects his Cricut to cut and I cut them before he gets home from school. Now this task is a bit tougher when he has vacations from school. I have so far managed to get past him on this one. If you'd like to read more on his start just click this picture and you'll be able to read.  Now I must add that after this was written my Father has since passed away as well.  Robbie loved his "Pa" very much! In fact he'll be doing something special soon as the snow leaves us for good.  I know he'll be doing this for his Great Grandmother Gigi and Great Grandad as well.

Now for all that you have been waiting for.  Here's my Guest Designer!!! Isn't he just soo cute!!! Hey, a Mama has her rights to say her son is cute! :)  I just love how he smiles at me whenever he sees me.  In fact this morning I woke him with our special morning song.  He opened his beautiful eyes and said "Good Morning Mama, I love you!"  Awww, how that just touched me... I told him I loved him too!  Then he was curious if the Tooth Fairy came or not.  When he found his surprise he knew then she had indeed come (hey, us Mama's have all the fun!!) I just love to see him smile when he gets something new.  My Mom had given me a bag of beanie babies that she had.  I stashed them under my desk and every couple days I'd pull one or two out.  I'd put them on Robbie's desk to hear him say, "Mama, Mama look who found me!"  I'd smile and ask where they came from.  He'd answer with I don't know, but I have to take care of them Mama.  I just love him.

These are stickers that he made in school.  There are more than just four of them.  I have a sheet of them.  I am going to get a pendant and a special mug as well.  My mug will have his name on it and the year so I can always look back and remember this special moment.  Robbie drew these beautiful flowers.  He said that he colored in the background with green and he painted the flowers.  I just love how he did this. I am so proud of him.  I will be putting my order in by March 17th for these.  I'm not missing out on this one.  I am so pleased with his work. I know his Gigi (Great Grandmother in Heaven) would be proud.  She was an artist herself and to see artwork from her Grandchildren just touched her heart in a special way.  When I saw this I thought of her.
Thank you for taking the time to stop by.  I hope you enjoyed your visit. Have a wonderful day!!! I'll have more posts coming.  Thank you again.

Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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Janice said...

Wonderful wonderful gifts...


Melissa said...

Wow Robbie, your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for being a guest designer on your Mom's blog today and blessing us with your art!

I'm the one who made the Thumper and Wall-E card that your Mom said you liked! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello to the Guest Designer Robbie.It's Aunt Jenn and I want you to know I love you so much.I just love your flowers you made and to show how much I am getting me a mug just like mama.Hope your enjoying your day today and know that you are very Special to your Aunt Jenn.I look forward to you making me more pictures and having mama mail it to me.Hope you make me one soon.I love you.Love Aunt Jenn

Unknown said...

Robbie did a beautiful job, a treasure for sure... where are you going to order from. I think that is a wonderful idea!!

Kathryn said...

Robbie you did a outstanding job on those flowers. You keep up that creativeness that is in you, as the Angels have given this special gift for you to share. The little gifts are special gifts that those Angels leave for you, to remind you how special you really are.

Bless you little one as the Angels Kiss you goodnight each night.

Scrappers' Ranch said...

aww, I am so sorry I am just now getting to this post! This is priceless, what an amazing job your little man did, love the colors and look at how he blended the blues.. LOVE IT!!!
Sure hope to see more of his work.


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