Friday, March 11

A Little Different Project on my part.....

Posted by Leah
I had some computer maintenance to attend to so I decided to stay away from it while it completed it's task at hand.  I grabbed a pair of knitting needles and some fun stuff to play with and look what I came up with.  I can't stay here long now because my little one just arrived home not long ago and I must spend some quality time with him.  I will be making some posts this weekend. I have some submissions to make.  I'll get those done and get to posting.  We also have some guests coming in from out of town so that will be some excitement to our weekend.  We always love it when company comes.

Here's what I made then it's off to quality fun time...shhh!!! We're going to watch a movie together and snuggle...watching Ice Age 2.  Yes, we've seen it but it's always great just to snuggle!

Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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