Wednesday, March 9

Simple Butterfly Card

Posted by Leah
This card was fun to do. I was able to pull out stamps then I had this cute little butterfly from my dollar store stash. Sometimes you can find great stuff in the dollar store. I know other times I've gone and there's been nothing there really. This I was just trying to find the right project for it.

I made a homemade wobble. I really wanted to get some of those action wobbles, but finances just don't allow for that right now. Now that I've made my own now I don't know if I'll be purchasing them.

Here's the card that I made. Thank you for looking.

I hate to end this on a sad note, but a few already know about my son's crab. His crab Smarty Pants passed away and he's been taking it hard. Least at home he seems to be down about it. I may have to get him a new one. He said he wants to get another one, BUT it has to have "green" in it's shell. He said it has to so he can name it Cricut.
Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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