Thursday, March 10

Thank you!!

Posted by Leah
I must thank everyone that left comments for Robbie about his stickers that he made. He is so proud of them and I am as well. I read the comments to him and he was so excited that everyone enjoyed his stickers. He said he's going to draw some more. I said sure baby draw away. I'll post your pictures up here so you can see them and friends can comment. Oh he loved it!!!

I have to say the Lord really has made my day. I was talking with my Mother who had forgotten to pick me up for the Bible Study this morning. She feels guilty about it. I didn't say much to her. Ok, now back up to the study. My Mom passed the phone to the leader of the study UnJoo. She's so sweet!!! She was on the phone with me and asked if I had any prayer requests. I had told her I was struggling with something about a field trip with Robbie. Now, mind you I love him to have his experiences and things with the school. This was just a struggle because it was to a place he had never been to and it was something I wanted to do special with him. I know I have to let him go on the field trip or least I should. I was hoping there was a way that I as a parent could travel along with the group so I could do this with him. Well, after I had told UnJoo my request she had to get to the class and said that they would pray about it. Well, when the phone was handed back to my mother I was a bit distracted with my cell phone ringing at the time. I answered it thinking oh no I have to dig out my car and go get my son from school. OH wasn't that! Yea!!!! Oh don't get me wrong I love having my little one around me .... hey he's my artist! He's my crafting buddy!!! I love him to pieces. Now this is what I mean about the Lord making my day. I said the phone was ringing right? (Nod head yes... LOL ... ok ok you don't have to. Ok you can stop now)On the line was Robbie's teacher. She asked me if I'd like to come along on the field trip. I was happy (so much that I had tears and could hardly speak when I told my Mother what just happened). The Lord knew my heart and how heavy this was on my heart that He lightened my heart by answering my prayer. I had held off on sending in the permission slip because I didn't want to put on there that he couldn't. I was just having such a difficult time with it was all. I'm so happy that He answered my prayer.

I know Robbie will be thrilled that I am there with him. I must now have him shine yet again. OH how I love to do that. This is what he brought home to me yesterday.

Let me explain. Principal's Pride is for their work or when they've gone above and beyond. He has been working on Being More Independent and this is what he got for Principal's Pride. He was so pleased with himself. I have to say I am too. I have seen such a change in him. I have noticed as well his reading has greatly improved. He's amazing. The star is also when they go above and beyond what's expected of them. He loves these stars because in his classroom when he receives 10 then he can choose a prize. Well, at home we have a reward system with them as well. He can choose how he wants to use them. We have a certain number of stars for various things he can receive. How he loves "ewards" hehehe that's how he says rewards right now. Too cute!!!

Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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Kathryn said...

Leah, that is such a blessing for you. I believe that He will answer those prayers when we need the.

Congrats to Robbi!!! Way to go!!! You keep up that good work and those Angel Gifts will be something that one day you will understand as what is inside as what you see.

Hugs and Angel Kisses,


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