Thursday, March 17

You will be dearly missed Mrs. Amidon

Posted by Leah
 I sit in tears writing this. This is Robbie's PreK teacher.  I was really close to her while he attended and after he was on to his new school.   We would visit when he was off from school or a time when we knew she'd be there.  She helped him to get his therapy started because she and another wonderful teacher saw issues with him.  They didn't let the ball drop.  She took care of him and helped him through many struggles he had.  I will dearly miss her.  This is soo hard for me...

 I think of the times that she helped him to accomplish things like being able to touch play doh.  Yes, play doh ~ this was a texture he just wasn't going to do.  She sat with him at the table and played with him until he started to accept it.  See the blue table over there where they're playing this was another one that he had issues with.  He didn't always like what they put in there.  Now where he's sitting on her lap this was one of those times where he didn't want to sit on the rug ~ he was very out of sorts and she said let me take him.  When she did he became very content.  He loved her to pieces.  She knew just how to make him smile and she'd get him to sit on the rug for circle time if she sat close enough to the circle.  As you can see from the photos a lot of the time he spent right there on her lap.  That was his safe spot.  He knew she'd sing, talk to him or read him a story, or even go for a walk in the hallway to get him to come back to "sweet Robbie " as she'd always refer to him.  These photos are only a few of the many that I have of her with him.  I mentioned earlier she was a favorite of his so there are many pictures of her with him.  I will miss our visits.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss!!! I will be thinking and praying for you! :)

Flamenco92627/ Julieta said...

Sounds like she will always be a part of Robbie's life and heart and legacy...what a wonderful teacher for him to have.

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