Monday, April 18

How much trouble can I get into

Posted by Leah
I designed this card as a joke. My Step-Dad saw the wedding card that I made and said "least she didn't make us with gray hair". Yes you guessed it I had to make a funny card just for them. This one is the wedding couple that just don't fall down. They're on wobbles, oh and they have gray hair.

Today we had an interesting event. I was driving and spotted a hawk on the guardrail; said something to hubby. That silly bird took off and even with my swerving I still caught him with the front of the car. The bird caused no damage, just a buff mark where he hit. I would say that the bird was just dazed because he flew off with no issues. I just hate hitting things like that. In all the years that I have been driving that's the only thing I've ever hit was animals. I'm thankful for that.

Well now for the card. Enjoy!! Have a happy Cricut Day,

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Flamenco92627/ Julieta said...

Wow, Leah, how scary with the bird! I would say he's ok too. I hate that feeling. That card is too cute! Love the couple!

Kim said...

Cute card! Love that they are on wobbles!! To funny:)
Glad you and the birds are ok!

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