Thursday, May 19

Thankful Thursday!

Posted by Leah
Welcome to Thankful Thursday!!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!! I'm still being challenged by things going on here, but I'll be through this storm.  God has a reason why all this is coming down now ~ there's a lesson to be learned.  I'll be stronger in the end.  Right now I'm just feeling beaten by the storm.  Thanks for supporting me through this and supporting my blog.

I have some things in store for you so you'll be seeing those postings soon.  Well, let's get back to Thankful Thursday.  I want to let you know there's a great prize to be won.  I'll post the picture for you.  Our challenge this week was to do something to honor someone.  Well, I had thought about it, but didn't know what to do ~ then I thought of an album to honor my Dad who has passed away.  I will post the pictures for you.  I know some have seen this before, but the other project that I'm working on to honor someone...shhh!! I can't say who, because they read my blog.....anywho.....they'll be seeing it soon.  I'll have that one up for you when they've received it because they're such a peeker.  I promise it won't be long .... I just have to wait though because like I said they'll look.

Here's the prize for the challenge you can go to Crazy About Cricut to enter and see the details about entering there.

Now here are my pictures for my project.  Thank you for looking.

I hope you enjoyed the album.  I must conclude with; I also made a video to go with it.  I included many pictures of my Father from when he was a baby to just before he passed away.   Thank you again for stopping by.  Now don't forget to go off to Crazy About Cricut.  Here's a direct link if you don't want to scroll back up toward the top.

Have a Happy Cricut Day,


4 Comments of Appreciation:

Tanya said...

I totally LOVE the album!! You did a GREAT job honoring his memory. How sweet you are.


Rock Girl Designs said...

I love your layouts and what a great idea to share~!

Keep rocking your craft!
Rock Girl

Flamenco92627/ Julieta said...

That's a wonderful album, Leah! I'm sorry you are going through struggles, sending prayers for calmer waters. I have some blog awards for you when you are able to stop by.

owlbescrappin said...

So totally love it. I am such a Daddy's girl so it gets me


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