Thursday, June 16

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Posted by Leah
If you have been talking with me you'd know I have been swamped with gathering things for our son's party. Making the decorations the invitations, the decorations for the cake etc. I just love planning his party.  Some of you have heard me express how difficult this time is for me.  My Father passed away August 2009; our son's birthday is this month, but that year we did it in August because he had broken his leg and that's when the doctor had given him clearance to play so we did the party then.  My Father passed away the day before the party. This made things difficult then.  We still held the party because Dad wouldn't have wanted me to take that from our son. I will let you see the birthday things in an upcoming post because they fit with a theme for that time and will fill you in more on details.

Now on to our project for this posting.  Our theme was that the children are out of school.  I wasn't exactly sure what to post, but I had this tucked away and hadn't really had the opportunity to use it quite yet.  This is our son and a friend he made up to camp.  We go to the 1,000 Islands; trust me it's beautiful beyond words there.  They had a blast playing together and this was taken his first week out of school last year.  I thought how fitting..... he's not my "little monster" he's my "little peanut".  I love him and today is his special day.  Thank you for looking.

Card base is 8 1/2 x 11" cardstock cut at 5 1/2" then folded in half.  I then trimmed the picture to fit and the sentiment was from a little vacation stash that I had.  I just thought this was adorable.  Thanks for stopping by.   *Note he has his Pa's sandals on (my Dad's )*

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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