Thursday, July 14

House House House.......

Posted by Leah
I have been wanting to be creative and design something, but I haven't been able to.  I have been cleaning the house and going through things to get rid of.  At this point I don't care what it is it goes.  I won't get rid of my crafting stuff or if I find stuff that I can use with the Cricut.   I just mean things that I don't need or want to store anymore it has to go.  I just want a cleared out house.  I want to be able to see stuff and use what I want when I want it.  Pssst!!! Hubby I am keeping little one's high chair.  I know he's too big for it, but with friends at church and other friends they have little ones and we need one for when they come over.  I don't want to give it up.

I hope to have a break soon.  I just can't wait until things get set for me.  Will be really nice.  I will have to update you as I go and how it feels to have this big change.  I will have big changes coming for my crafting space.  I can't wait for them to take place.  I'm excited.... oh did I say that already???? No, I didn't so here I'll say it again..... "I'm Excited!!!!""

Thanks for dropping by.  I have a guest coming soon maybe we can record something for you and I can get it posted here we'll see if camera behaves.

Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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