Tuesday, August 2

So Sorry

Posted by Leah
I am sorry for not posting in quite some time.  I had company come in from Maine.  What a great time we had.  I really enjoy when they come to visit.  I just wish there was more time to do things.  Time flies when company comes -- why is that???  I have re done my office I am liking it so much better.  I can find things easier and it just makes creating much faster and easier.   I will be adding a few things to my desk to organize even more.  I'm excited.

I have been fulfilling my obligations to our local library.  I am doing some crafting with them for their summer reading program.  I am putting it together as a Cricut Swarm for them so that if we win we could get supplies for the library.  It would be great since there have been so many cuts throughout the system.  I know they would appreciate it very much.

I have had some down time considering I broke my toe and that slowed me down in getting some things done around the house.  Least the pain isn't as bad today.  Although it is still quite tender.  So happy for flip flops (speedo flip flops - they have support to them; they're not your typical flip flop).  Here these are the ones I have.  Check this link here Women's Flip Flops.  Mine are light blue and I also have a pink pair.  I can say these are the greatest.  I haven't had blisters or anything like that with these.  I can say though they have great support - I have back issues and these don't bother my back....mind you I don't wear them all day though.

Hmm, ten minutes to ten and my little one is still sleeping.  I love these quiet mornings.  I know school is right around the corner though.  The quiet mornings will be no longer.  Will be the 5am wake up call then getting hubby and little one off to start their days.  Me, oh I don't just sit back or go back to bed.  No, no....I get myself busy crafting or doing the errands that need to be done.  I also keep myself very busy in the house as well.

I must get busy with the cleaning in the house and crafting that needs to be done.  I have some posting to get to.  I need to track my points before my WW app pops up to remind me whether I tracked breakfast or not.  Got to just love those apps with the reminders. LOL

Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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