Thursday, August 18

Thankful Thursday! DT Post

Posted by Leah
We were asked for our design team challenge to make a note for our child for the first day of school. Since our schools don't start until later and my son receives benefits from school for breakfast and lunches; this challenge was a bit different for me. So I decided that when I pack that special snack that I'll put this card with it. As I mentioned our schools start later.  I will have special gummy type snack for him with these colors if I can possibly do it or pack a fruit and veggies with these colors.  He loves his fruits and veggies.  I love him so much.  

Here is the inside of the card.  This reads as follows "Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue....I love you two hands behind the back! Have a great day! Love Mama"   We have this special saying that we say to one another "love you two hands behind the back!"  It's special because it has great meaning for both of us.....meaning our love is unending, cannot be broken.  It's as a circle unbroken.  I will miss him when he finally does start school.  We have so much fun together.  We've done so much this summer.  I love spending time with him.  This summer was different for both of us to get used to with no therapy over the summer.  We are both so used to routines.  I made a routine for us and we just did things over the summer; keeping busy.  We had many adventures over the summer.

Thank you for stopping by.  Will have more to post soon.  I have some projects in the works.  I also need to write about the little Cricut swarm we had at our local library.  There are a few pictures to come with that.  Keep an eye out and have a wonderful day!!!

Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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Tanya said...

Awww.. how sweet!! I love the lil crayon box and the colored words inside. Such a sweet message!!


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