Thursday, September 15

Special Book

Posted by Leah
I was looking through my postings here and discovered there was something that I did not post.  I was surprised.  I know it was published in the Cricut Chirp so I thought I would have posted it, but I didn't.
This was in the Chirp a while ago now.  I am sorry I never posted this.  I made this a while ago as I mentioned. This was for my son's class when he was in pre-school.  I showed the teachers what I had been doing with him and why he could count so high.  He's always loved numbers so my making this little "book/game" was perfect.

Here are the pictures of it.  Now the object of the game is to one tell me the number that is on the shirt, then tell me the number that comes before that number, then the number that comes after it.  You get the point.  He loves this.  I have his and made 10 for the school.  I have made other things as well.  The teachers loved the project and asked for it and other things from me.

I have many other learning projects in the works.  I will be sharing them here with you and will be taking them in for my son's class as well.  I'm excited to share. This is also featured in a press release with Cricut.  Thanks for stopping by.

Have a Happy Cricut Day,

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