Thursday, September 15

Thankful Thursday DT Post

Posted by Leah
Hello, everyone!! Hope you're having a great Thursday!! I am; I can't believe more than half of the week is over already.

Now this challenge was a bit different for me.  I saw that we had to do a pirate theme.  I had to think long and hard on this.  Why you may ask, well my son is afraid of pirates.  Let me tell you why.

 We went to see the Veggie Tales Movie, "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything".  My husband was working so it was just my son and I.  I wanted to treat him to the movie because he has always been a Veggie Tale fan.  He loves Larry the Cucumber. (side note....when he was little and I couldn't get him to open to eat his food - I'd sing "GOD is bigger than the boogie man"... that was all it took then belly laugh ... insert food and he was happy) Where to begin.  We were sitting in the theater area waiting on the movie everything was fine.  He did start to get a little impatient while waiting, but mind you he was only three years old.  Have to give him credit though, just the time he got a little impatient they came out and announced that the movie would be starting.  He got excited and people laughed - the ones around us.  Then it started to get dark and he was a little nervous, but then settled right in when he saw Larry the Cucumber.  What can I say I had a huge Veggie Tale Fan on my hands. LOL.

Now we're really into the movie; things are going great.  Mom is happy, little one is happy; just perfect.  I'm getting into the movie.  Hey, Mom can be a Veggie Fan too!!! I love the Veggie Tales they have good morals to their stories and they make their movies fun for adults to watch and they're obviously fun for the children too.  Anyway, we're watching and everything is going smooth.......well..........until the pirate comes out.  You know they have to show the pirate, because after all this movie is "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything". I bet you can only imagine what's coming up right?? OH yes.... my son screamed and jumped when that pirate came out. Well, in the process of his scream he proceeded to make the row in front of us jump in their seats, the row behind us and of course our row.  Let me tell you I had a difficult time with my jump lol.  He screamed; made me jump and as I was in the air from jumping he was jumping as well but in different direction from me.  He jumped on me which in turn put me right back in my seat.  The ones behind us saw this and just laughed.  They said if you could have seen that you'd be laughing too.  They were sweet though because they obviously could tell how frightened he was and they helped me to calm him down.   Once we got him calmed down he was fine through the rest of the movie.

Now, on to this project. I didn't want to make something that would scare my son so this took some thinking and time.  I thought what a good twist this would be "Treasure in Heaven".  We have been talking about this and this just gives him a visual.   Here is my project hope you enjoy and I hope I've made you laugh.  Please leave any comments I really enjoy reading them.  If you'd like to leave one for my son I will read them to him as well.  He loves it when he gets messages.  Thanks for stopping by.  Check out our Facebook Page Thankful Thursday Challenge.
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Tanya said...

LOL.. What a great story!! Your project is definitely creative and you met your challenge of taking the "scary" out of it. Great job!!


Angela said...

I truly enjoyed your story about your experience! Aren't kids a hoot! I totally love Veggie Tales and Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato. Miss those days, thanks for sharing as I too strolled down memory lane!

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