Thursday, October 27

Thankful Thursday Design Team Post

Posted by Leah
Good Morning Everyone!!!  Hope everyone is doing well.  I've had a buy morning ~ generally is and starts early at 5am.  I love a busy morning, but when they're gone for the day I also enjoy my quiet so I can do my Bible reading and have my quiet time.  OH and of course my crafting time ~ got to have that.

This week we were challenged with Halloween Decor.  Our family doesn't celebrate Halloween, but we do celebrate Harvest. I love the fall it is one of my favorite seasons of the year.  I enjoy the colors of the leaves changing, the animals scurrying around gathering what they need for winter.  I enjoy watching the turkey's coming up through the backyard (average 20-40) ~ love seeing the little ones as they come up; how much they've grown.  I am looking forward to seeing the deer soon.

As I mentioned we had the challenge of Halloween Decor.  Since we do not celebrate Halloween I wanted to share with you what I created for Harvest.

The first I want to share with you is a sign I made with the sentiment of "Fabulous Fall" and embellished with a scarecrow.  You'll have to see what I do with it after this.  I decorated the other side as well.  You'll see that on Friday.  I made this using some chipboard to keep it stiff.  I cut the chipboard at 5 1/2" x 11"; decorated the outer part with a decorative piece of scrapbook paper cut at 6" x 12".  I then trimmed the edges then folded them over and adhered them to the back.  I made two of these so I could then bond them together. I put a ribbon between them and made it so I could flip it one way for one sign then flip it the other way for the other sign. That will be revealed on Friday ~ be sure to come back.  I will add the other pictures after the sign.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Have a Blessed Day,

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Tanya said...

How darn cute!!! I love your lil scarecrow!! Great job!!


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