Tuesday, November 22

Update on Thanksgiving Decorations

Posted by Leah
Hi Everyone!!! Hope you're having a wonderful day!! I am taking in all of God's wonderful creations ~ enjoying the season.  Now if these turkey's would stop fighting it would be better.  No I'm not going to grab one for Turkey Dinner....they can stay out there.  The fun will be coming up later this winter when they roost in the trees and about fall out or actually fall out.  I'm hoping to get some more video of that.  Hoping the baby deer will be up later this afternoon as well.

I wanted to thank those that came out for our hop that we had this weekend. I had fun participating in it and sharing some fun stuff with you.  I have some more things to share with you.  I first have to share with you an update with my "Thankful" banner ~ there is a little turkey friend above ~ my little one had fun helping me to put him together.  Then to hang him was a challenge.  I didn't want to use double sided tape because I was afraid of him falling down.  Then my son says "Mama, use thumbtacks for his eyes then he will hang up there" ~ after my laughter ~ you can see I did it.  I have to still laugh at it because it just looks funny.  You know the turkey who sees it's hunter and wants to run or fly whichever will get them out of there fast enough.

Now for even more fun!  Yes, I have something else to share with you.  I made these for my table ~ I always have to do something special to my table at the holiday's.  I like to have fun with the guests and or family that will be present.  I like to see their faces when they see what is in front of them ~ the little things they get to play with at the table.  While these don't have toys in them this time; there is a few nice treats in there.  I must say a quick thank you to my StepSister Cindy for the heads up on the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for my StepDad ~ his favorite.  I always like to spoil my guests and family.  I like to find out special things they like and add them to the table in some fun way. Here are the pictures for you that I'd like to share.
Here's the updated banner for you.  As you can see the eyes of the turkey.  Enjoy!

 This is a card for our son's bus driver ~ we must spoil them with treats through the holiday's as always.  This driver was his last year and she was AWESOME!!! She really paid attention to him and his needs as well as all the children on her bus.  One thing that really stuck for me with her is that she said in the winter when the weather was bad ~ I drive this bus as if I have my children on here.  She also said she loves each one of these children and they're special to her.  She really cares and watches out for all of them. Thank you Allison!!!!

These are the fun little treat boxes that will be sitting at my table along with the other fun things I have planned.  I need or want to make this as special as I can for my StepDad / Grandpa Steve.  We love him very much.  The last picture is just a little bonus game that I play with our son.  This is one I made him when he was in preschool and we play it each year around Thanksgiving ~ we make it a challenge now.  We have to dance and walk like the turkey ~ we hold our color up that we're singing about.  I just love making memories.

I say this as I close ~ don't put off being with someone because you never know when that day will come when they're no longer there. I had that when we had a family event we planned ~ a family member came over dropped something off ~ said "See you tomorrow at the party!" Who knew only a few short hours later I would receive that dreaded call "Get to the hospital" then only short time of being there again more news "I'm sorry, we did all we could, there was nothing more, he's gone" ~ that's when I lost my Dad.  While I miss him ~ I now celebrate his birthday's in Heaven.  We send a balloon off to him ~ we added flowers to his grave that is very close to our home.  I thank God for the relationship that I had with my Father ~ I'm blessed with all the values and things he taught me that I am now passing to my son.  At this Thanksgiving and how it's been since he passed in 2009. His picture will be on my hutch on the middle shelf instead of where it is now ~ along with the other family members that have passed on ahead of us so we can remember them at this time ~ not the sadness, no.  Remember the blessing they were to our family ~ the happy times ~ the times they shared with us ~ the times they made us laugh until our sides split from laughter.  Cherish those memories you have with your family ~ make new ones ~ remember the ones you've made.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!! Thanksgiving Blessings to all you and your families! 
Have a Blessed Day,

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Unknown said...

I cannot believe that you didn't receive any comments. Your project is wonderful. Keep on scrapping, you did a wonderful job.


Anonymous said...

Amazing job on everything, I especially liked your banner and turkey.

:) Lori m

Anna Gatherum said...

Wow all of your creations are sooo cute!
I especially love the scarecrows, and the banner,
I am so glad I found your blog, and i am going to become a follower!
hope you visit my blog,

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