Monday, December 12

Christmas 2011

Posted by Leah
Hi Everyone!! Thought I'd pop in before turning in for the night of which I should have done an hour and a half ago.   No, I'm not there yet.  I'm looking at some pictures that I took of our real tree.  We haven't had a real tree in years.  Let's put it this way since before our son was born and he's now seven years old.

I took quite a few pictures of the ornaments and things so enjoy.  There is also a hidden Christmas Pickle in there as well.  No, not revealing where it is yet.  That comes after Christmas ~ the revealing. LOL!  While there are a few variations of the "Christmas Pickle" ~ ours is a little different.  As I said in one of the stories about the Christmas pickle the one who finds it receives an extra gift.  We have it that who finds it receives the gift of sharing.  Now no one in the family, but myself ~ hubby hasn't volunteered yet to do it.  That's ok, because I have so much fun in hiding the pickle and coming up with the gift of sharing.  Now, son and hubby do not have any idea what the gift is going to be.  I don't reveal it to them ~ I don't even tell them if I've gotten it yet.  Why??? or Oh, you're mean!!! LOL no, no hear me out.  I don't because they like to go on a "Peeking Hunt" to see where Mama has hidden the gift of sharing.

Time for the fun!!! Here are the pictures! Enjoy!!!

Grace & Peace,

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