Tuesday, December 20

Special Family Tradition!

Posted by Leah
Each year as a family we would go to Lights on the Lake and see many different light displays.  My parents car would be packed with usually five or six of us in the car.  My Aunt Betty, Uncle Sonny, My Mom & Dad, Hubby & I.  Then sometimes would just be five of us because of work obligations that would keep my hubby from attending with us.  After the light show my Aunt would speak up and say, " Hot Cocoa and Ice Cream at our house." This was always great and would always hit the spot.  I always looked forward to them coming to our house for Christmas.  We have many great memories of them.  Later on when we had our son he would come with us; then hubby would still be called away with work obligations or would opt to not go.  We would then go separately as a family the now three of us.  One year it was hubby, myself, our son, Grandma Roli and Aunt Betty.  Our son was not that old and he just didn't understand that in order to go home you had to drive through the Lights on the Lake to get there.  My Aunt was trying to explain this to him as we all had our own versions of how we were heading home.  When Aunt Betty spoke to him everyone was quiet in the car; son after she was finished folded arms, sat straight up, looked forward, didn't move or speak another word until we were back to Aunt Betty's house.  We laughed when we got there because of the look on his face.  We know it was serious to him, but now we laugh about it today.  When we play the video you can hear Aunt Betty speak to him ~ our son laughs about it today though.  Thought I'd share a few with you this evening.  Hope you enjoy.

I hope to get a video up but we'll see.  I did video some of the lights while we drove through.  I will see what I can do to get that transferred if I can possibly.  Hope you enjoyed these though.
Grace & Peace,

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Anonymous said...

What amazing and beautiful displays, I love the holidays, thank you for sharing the beautiful light display photos.

Merry Christmas, hugs, Lori m

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