Thursday, December 22

Thankful Thursday Design Team Post

Posted by Leah
I want to welcome everyone to our Thankful Thursday!  Hope everyone is having a great week.  I know my son is so looking forward to Christmas recess.  He has been counting the days.  He had his play yesterday at school and it was awesome!!!!! I'm not sure if I can upload that video or not.  I'd really like to share it with you my viewers.  I will get on that right away.

I wanted to share with you the project that we made this time together.  Our challenge was to have Christmas Theme.  I thought what better than the goodie bags that he and I made for his class for after the play.

Green, Red, White, Orange, Black Cardstock
White fine tip gel pen
favorite adhesive
Sentiment for front
Goodie bags - Of course we can't forget these LOL

Directions: Cut topper from any cartridge of your choosing; in this case we used Christmas Cards - cutting it at 4"x 4".  Then scored it in half.  Then we made our snowmen, put them together then embellished them.  I then used the stapler to close the goodie bags after we filled them with candy.  Then son put the sentiments on and helped with snowmen as well.  He really enjoyed this project.

I have a feeling on Christmas recess we'll be doing many more things together.  I really love my time with him.  Thanks for stopping by.  Now before I let you go please stop over to our Design Team Leader Jenny at Crazy About Cricut that you may participate as well in our challenge or visit our Facebook Page Thankful Thursday Challenge.  Merry Christmas all!!

Grace & Peace,

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