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Cricut Mini!!!

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Hi, Everyone!!  I love all of this great stuff that Cricut keeps coming out with.  I love how little this is ~ so wonderful for all those small crafting places.  Hehe, oh another small crafting space would be up to camp in the 1,000 Islands.  This would be awesome.  Bring the laptop for CCR ~ Then the other supplies ~ oh I'd be set.  Let the crafting begin and the fun of camping begin.  Ok, now winter must go and camping season has to start, LOL.

The Cricut Mini is compatible with Cricut Craft Room which is an awesome tool!!!  I have heard others say it is difficult to use.  I have helped many get used to Cricut Craft Room and have given tips on it's use.  What I love about Cricut Craft Room is that you don't have to own all of the cartridges to design with them; only when you cut the project do you have to own the cartridges that are used in that design.  I like this feature because it allows me to play with the various cartridges before purchasing them.  I like to try things or see things how they would be before buying. This allows me to see what they could look like before I purchase that cartridge that I am playing with.  I also am able to see all the "hidden surprises".  What do I mean by "hidden surprises"?  Well, I mean the fun little features and cuts that you do not see on the box before purchasing.  I like to check them out through Cricut Craft Room or I go to and go under shopping then I look at the digital handbook that is available for that cartridge I'm thinking of.  These are just a couple ways that I find those hidden surprises and make my decision on the cartridge.

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