Thursday, January 12

Sugar : The Bitter Truth

Posted by Leah
I wanted to share this video with all of my viewers. I have watched this from beginning to end. I must first of all thank the anesthesiologist that I spoke with this morning from one of our local hospitals. He was very informative with information and suggested I watch this. I have an online class that I'm doing and this was one of our videos to watch. you see any relation there??? I do ... When I get something like this from someone then I get it yet again from another resource I take it very seriously...why because I feel that it is something that I need to take information away from and incorporate in my life. I also being a Christian when God allows something like this in my life from something I have read or something that someone says and it is the same I take it seriously, praying about it ...then incorporating in my life. This isn't the first time this has happened this week. I was doing my daily walking; stepping up my activity levels to increase my activity points....a gentleman approached me telling me he had noticed that I have been walking there for a while now. I said yes I have been now. He then told me things he noticed about my walking and how he has seen improvement. While you may not always see differences on the scale do take notice of your body. Do you feel different?? Are your clothes fitting differently?? Are your shoes fitting differently??? Is your endurance level increasing or decreasing??? These are all important things to take notice of. When he said how he had seen improvement it took me back abit... I even asked him what did you see? He told me all that he had seen then he closed with the Lord blessing me for taking care of His creation ~ after all God did design me. I was thankful for what he expressed to me. I close with this take what others tell you and be thankful for what they tell you there are lessons to be learned things to see.
I hope that you will watch this and please comment below what you were able to take away from it. I mentioned earlier I had done my daily walk. I walked more miles today in a shorter time. I got over 3 miles in this morning and earned some great activity points of which I will not return as food. I have been writing my meal plan for this upcoming week. I will be looking even closer to my food choices. I hope you will too. Thank you so much for watching this and taking time out of your day for it. Thanks for stopping by!
Grace & Peace,

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