Thursday, February 23

My Valentine's Present from Hubby and Son

Posted by Leah
Good Morning Everyone!!! Hope you all are having a good morning. I have been busy this morning getting things ready for my Blog Hop.  I love to do hops.  I hope you like what you see. We as the Thankful Thursday Design Team put some great projects together for you for St. Patty's Day.

Here is my Valentine's Present. I am so excited to share it.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband. He's my High School Sweetheart.  (Psst! When we went back to the school after we were married; staff and friends said these words to us "It's about time" ~ they must have known something ... lol)

Before I show you what it is I must first thank some special people.  I want to thank my Step Dad Steve because he was so gracious in cutting our cabinet down to the correct size for the installation.  I want to also thank him for getting things ready for the installation ~ he and I hung the cupboard together then we put a wire up the wall to get ready for the outlet that needed to be installed as well as making it easier for us to get things in place.  Thank you so much!!  I want to thank my hubby for the awesome gift and the fun that we had in installing this.  This was a challenge as it weighs a whopping 70lbs.  Trying to get the support up behind it was challenging.  This was not a simple install as we have duct work running up that wall behind the stove as well as the gas vent for the stove.  Hence our distance between the sheet rock and the support we had to be very careful not to puncture the duct work or especially the gas vent.  We carefully figured out the distance then made the holes for the parts to be installed.  I even made some chocolate chip cookies in the oven that was pulled across the kitchen floor while we were doing the installation for a small treat afterwards.  Hubby and son devoured the cookies I got 2 little ones; I wasn't disappointed in getting only two ~ I was happy to see them enjoying their treat!!

Here is the present!!

Thought I'd include some of my kitchen too. I just love spending time in here.  I have been fun playing with my new present. I even baked cookies in there. I have to tell you they came out AWESOME!!! I say this because they were lightly browned on the outside but chewy and super yummy on the inside.  The cooking time is so fast!!
Grace & Peace,

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Anonymous said...

O Man! I am so terribly jealous. I want a Valentines Day gift. :-( I am happy you got one though sis. That is so great.

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