Monday, February 27

Race Day....Daytona 500

Posted by Leah
I know this is a different type of posting for me.  I write about crafts and things that I'm making.  I usually don't talk about the races.  I decided to change it up.  I will talk this post on the race then I promise I do have some fun craft things coming up.  I did notice that I'm over 200 followers now and I'm thinking I will have a giveaway.  I need to get the items together for the giveaway first before announcing the giveaway officially.  I will be at the craft store this week so I will decide what I will give away.  I then will have another when I reach 500 followers.

Now for some fun pictures for you to feast your eyes upon.  I must say yesterday was spent making some preparations as always for race day.  This is a fun family tradition that we have done for many years.  We have been big race fans; I'd say all our lives. I grew up going to the track with my parents.  We'd go to Oswego Speedway watch the super modified races.  Hehe, I was little then, but do remember the races. I however do not remember falling asleep at the track.  If any of you know how loud the super modified's are you'd be saying about now "how do you fall asleep?"  Later as I grew I would still go with my parents there, then with friends, then with hubby.  When hubby and I lived in Virginia we'd go to the races where we were stationed at.  We loved it. Now that we're back home again we still watch the races.  We prep for the races for the snacks, drinks and the fun.  These are the snacks that we made for yesterday's race that got canceled due to rain.  Hopefully today they'll get the race underway.  That will depend on the weather then another 2 hrs of drying the track time.  I have to give hubby updates throughout the race if it gets underway.

Now for the pictures I promised to show you.  Enjoy!  Those that are on Weight Watchers like me... I did plan points and counted as the day went on yesterday until the race was canceled and all food was put away.  Today I have veggie tray for snacks.

Grace & Peace,

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Judy said...

Love the race comments :-) I live about 35 miles from the track and we have had nothing but rain all day so I don't know if it will happen today:-( Maybe tomorrow!! I feel for all the people who made special trips for the race. We haven't had hardly any rain for months and now it won't stop? We actually need the rain really bad!

Amy E said...

Thank goodness they were FINALLY able to finish the race tonight!!! After that fire, I didn't think they would. I'm glad I'm on the west coast so that it wasn't so late for me when it ended!! Who's your favorite guy?

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