Thursday, March 1

Something Special

Posted by Leah

I just had to post these pictures.  I love my Dad and I miss him.  When our son was born we called my Dad "Pa".  Now if I refer to him as that you'll know who I am speaking about.

I went walking yesterday.  Things seemed to be going along, but I was having pain in the back of my one foot.  I didn't know if I could complete my walk or if I would have to sit this one out and wait for the phone call to come from my Mother that she and my Step Dad were finished with their workouts at the gym.

I decided to keep going and see how it went; whether the pain would subside or if it would continue.  The pain didn't seem too bad, but was still enough there to make me walk at a slower pace than normal.  I walk in a building where there are corporate offices and most of the other offices there are dark as no business has filled them as of yet.  Hence there are many dark windows up there.  I do see people walking to their offices when I am there ~ they always give me encouraging words.  I really appreciate their words.  I was walking along and dealing with the pain ~ no I wasn't listening to the "no pain, no gain theory either" I said I was walking along I looked at the window ahead of me.  I thought I saw something different other than myself in the window.  I did, the Lord let me see my Dad.  I at first was a bit shy of looking, but then I got to the next window and still saw my Dad walking with me. He was in front of me.  It was cool ~ here I was dealing with the pain and yet my Dad was walking with me (each dark window I passed he was there) ~ I didn't notice at first, but the pain not only went away, but I felt wonderful by the end of my walk and I completed with more miles in fewer steps.  How?? I know that doesn't make sense, but I had a bigger stride than my usual and I was walking more to the outside of the rectangle that I walk.  It just felt great to walk with my Dad ~ hard to believe it will be three years since his homegoing this year.

I don't know how you all feel about what I have just written, but I know God allows us to see things, feel things that He is trying to show us.  I love it when I have moments where I can see my Dad.  God allowed me to see him shortly after he had passed as well.  My Grandmother; his Mother passed on before him (2yrs before).  I was up to camp in the 1,000 Islands.  God brought my Dad to me ~ I not only saw him, but I saw my Grandmother as well.  They were walking and talking to each other, but I couldn't hear what they were saying until they were close to me.  My Father said "Can I touch her?" My Grandmother said yes you can.  He touched my leg at first, but then he said I want to hold her hand.  Then my hand went up to meet his and we held hands for a little while ~ that was the best and I could feel him in my hand.   I thanked God for doing that for me.  My Father is buried here near my home so I can take care of his site whenever I want to.  

Well, I just wanted to share that with you.  I haven't forgotten about what I want to giveaway.  I am putting some things together. I hope to announce it soon.  Thank you for being patient with me.  Now to get on to my day.  I am wondering if we (Step Dad, Mom and I) will be going to the gym ~ them to the gym and myself back to the corporate office area where I walk.  Only time will tell when they call if they don't I do have a back up plan.  I will do my 5 mile walk with Leslie Sansone, then I'll do my Weight Watchers Punch workout.

Grace & Peace,

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