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Easter Blessings

Posted by Leah
Easter is such a big holiday that we celebrate here in our home.  I wrote a poem back in 2003 and I wanted to share with you that poem.  This has been a burden on my heart for friends of mine and family members.  Know that you're all in my prayers each day I pray for you all to have wonderful days, I pray that when you're struggling that the LORD reach to you and carry you through your struggle and that he bring you back to the other side with a greater outcome than expected. I pray for you when I learn that you're going through a heartbreak ~ a loss of a friend, a loss of a family member. You all are so special.

Easter Prayer

Early in the springtime is the setting
The flowers and blossoms
Begin their budding and blooming
Time is of importance;
It’s the time of the LORD
The LORD died for you.
Then HE was raised from the dead
If you accept HIM, HE will live in you
Will you let your sin control?
A plea I make unto you
Please don’t let them rule
Take them to the cross; will you?
Have them nailed there
Let the LORD remove them
Remove them from your heart
Let JESUS have control of your life.
HE will give you a new life
You’ll be changed for all eternity
For you’ll have a new home in glory.
There your heart will sing 
Sing a new and glorious song
So remember this Easter Day
And celebrate that JESUS is Risen
The stone has been rolled away
HE has gone; HE has risen as HE said
HE is Risen Indeed!

Written By: Leah M. Pagliaroli
Easter Sunday, April 20, 2003

Thank you for letting me share with you.  Thanks again for stopping by!  Have a blessed Easter!

Grace & Peace,

3 Comments of Appreciation:

Angela said...

Happy Easter Leah! Enjoyed your poem! HE has risen indeed!

Tina said...

Blessed Easter to you and yours.


Becky Dunham said...

Thanks for sharing this Easter poem Leah and the one below also! I hope you don't mind, but I have taken a copy of both of them (giving you credit for yours of course)! I missed this yesterday on Easter as I was working, but I hope you had a blessed resurrection day!

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