Monday, April 2

Who's ready for fun???

Posted by Leah
I'm ready for some fun...You?  Ok, I am so sorry that I missed my Blogoversary.  I do apologize to you all.  If you knew how my weekend went you would agree I was doing the right thing.  Doing what needed to be done.

I have had a fun morning already.  I went to the school for son's class.  They had Poetry on Parade.  They were so adorable.  I love watching them doing things.  They are all growing so fast.

I have a fun giveaway as I promised for my Blogoversary.  I hate to limit the viewers, but for this one I can ship US only.  I am so sorry for this if it offends anyone.  There are a couple things I'd like to have you do to participate.

Here we go.......ready??? are you really ready???

1. Become a follower if you are not already.

2.  Let me know how you found my website and if there is something that you'd like to see or more of here.

3.  Since it is Easter season tell me a tradition or something fun that you do with your family at this time.

Here is something that I put on our Easter table each year.  This picture may be a bit on the blurry side.  This is the way it appears in the preview.  This is what it says; across the basket it says "What Easter Means to God.

What if

this year at Easter
I put all bunnies to the side,
forget about the chocolates 
and not a single egg I'd hide.

I wouldn't fill an Easter basket
but instead fill up my mind
with sweet thoughts of that 
Easter morn
and a Man no one could find.

I think that I might sympathize
with Thomas who had to feel
the nail holes in his Savior's hands
to know that He was real

And that is when I think that God 
would help my heart to see
what Easter really means to Him
and what it means for me.

I will have this going until April 8th.  Please keep to one comment makes easier for counting then having my little one do the drawing.  Thanks for understanding.  This is my first giveaway so I am learning and hope to have more in the future.

Have a wonderful day everyone!  Thanks again for stopping by!!

Grace & Peace,

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Becky Dunham said...

Hey Leah! I used to love the poetry readings at my kids' school when they were younger - so much fun and they get so excited to have you there :) Sweet of you do have a giveaway for your blogversary! I am a follower of your blog already, but I can't remember how I found you... probably a link from another blog. I follow a lot of blogs and don't always get to visit and/or comment but I try. Every year on the Saturday before Easter, my parents have an egg hunt for all of us - there are 7 kids plus our families so that is a ton of eggs - Mom dyes each one and writes our names on them. The grandkids all get extra goodies depending on their ages. We have a big potluck picnic if the weather permits and if not, we eat inside. It is a lot of fun and the kids really love it. I love your table decoration and that poem is absolutely perfect! May I copy it? Thanks much!

Leah said...

Yes you may copy it. I have one that I wrote a while back that will be posted on Sunday for Easter. Come back and you can read that one.

marg0006 said...

Hi Leah.
I was doing a blog hop and connected to you becoming a follower & subscriber.
We use to have several traditions but the family dynamics has drastically changed thru time. Most of my family has move away or become unable to travel. I sometimes tavel to see my daughter and grand kids. That to me is the best.

Jessica Kephart | A Homespun Affair said...

SO Cute!! A new Follower - Found you on FB ;) and our traditions are very new to me, but the other side of the fam (MIL) still hides easter eggs with $$ in them for her two 30+ year old boys....But I'm not saying anything about that, I will likely do this until Mason is 50 ;)



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